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We believe Pilates is for everyone and have a variety of services to meet your needs. All classes are a small ratio to allow time to engage with everyone, and give you feedback as needed.

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Initial Assessments

Our goal is to always look after you and your body, ensure you are receiving what you would like to get from your sessions and keep you safe. With this in mind it is crucial we do an initial assessment so we can get to know you and your body. During the Initial Assessment we look at strengths and weaknesses and discuss your goals so we can get you the best possible results.

4:1 Studio Sessions

Each session is 1 hour and has a maximum of 4 clients to 1 instructor. Each person is guided through a personalised program of exercises tailored to their individual goals and needs. These sessions use a combination of the Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair and Mat work and can address things such as:

  • Tailored fitness goals
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Posture and alignment
  • Core strength
  • Postnatal & Prenatal
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Post-Op and Pre-Op
  • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
  • Cross training for athletes & dancers
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Balance & Stability
  • And more…


Group Mat Classes

We don’t believe in big classes. You are worth personal attention.  Everyone participates in the same 1 hour program. There is a maximum of 8 people in each session to ensure everyone gets the individual attention and feedback they deserve. Variations are provided where necessary as we know not all bodies are the same.

Private and Semi-Private Sessions

A one hour one-on-one session with a tailored personalised program using a combination of the Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair and Mat work. There is also the option of semi-privates for you and a friend or family member.



It’s important to keep moving and stay strong throughout your pregnancy AND to do it all at your own safe pace. Looking after yourself is looking after your baby and will help with a quicker recovery after birth. 

This is such an exciting time and your body is doing an incredible job of growing new life and preparing for birth. During this time, your posture will change, joints will expand and muscles will stretch and with all this going on it’s no wonder some days you have a little less energy than others, and that’s ok. We can adapt your program depending on how you feel at each session. 

The benefits of Pilates during pregnancy:

  • Enhances muscular balance and posture as your centre of gravity changes
  • Increases strength and stamina for labour
  • Ensures a quicker recovery post-partum
  • Improves postural, core, arm and leg strength for feeding and lifting the baby
  • Eases gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces water retention and leg cramps
  • General conditioning
  • Any other fitness and wellness goals you may have

All our Prenatal is done in our 4:1 Studio classes




This is such an exciting time but I bet your body feels different, it’s been through a lot; 9 months of pregnancy (a marathon) and then birth (an intense sprint although it might have felt like a marathon too). Whether you had a natural birth or a Caesarean, Pilates is here for you.

Pilates can help restore your pelvic floor and core strength – and you’re not just a mum so I imagine you have other wellness and fitness goals – we can help with those too. It’s important to remember looking after yourself is looking after your family. Just because you’ve given birth this doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a different body. Your body has the potential to be just as strong and healthy as it was before pregnancy. We wish you all the best (and sleep) in this new season of life!

Parent friendly OPTIONS!

You may by this time be craving “you” time and want to come without your bub or it may be more practical for you to come with your bub so you can choose from the following options:

You + Boo

You + Boo is a Group Mat Class for parents with a young Boo. It is a 1 hour baby friendly class that has postnatal and general fitness focus. As with all our sessions we have small numbers (a maximum of 6) to ensure everyone gets attention, even bubs. Bubs aged 0-1yrs are welcome.

Group Mat Class

4:1 Post Natal Studio Sessions

A maximum of 4 clients to 1 instructor and each person is guided through a personalised program of exercises tailored to their individual goals and needs. These classes use a combination of the Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair and Mat work. Bubs and children 0-5yrs are welcome.

4:1 Studio Sessions

We are a family friendly space

Anyone is welcome to attend our child friendly sessions whether they have children or not. These sessions create a space for those who would otherwise not be able to come because they still have children at home. Children are welcome to bring their own toys and play in reception which is adjacent and fully open in complete view of the studio. New bubs are also welcome in these classes and can stay right next to Mum or Dad during the session.

We’d love to meet you and your bub!

Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates is designed to meet you where you are at. There are a multitude of exercises that will not only suit your body but aid in rehabilitating any injuries and avoid exacerbating them. You will see your body change, strengthen and increase in mobility. Yes, your body. 

If you have an acute injury we recommend our session done on a small ratio with personalised programs, e.g. 4:1 (a maximum of four clients to one instructor). With personalised programs that are designed to:

1  – address YOUR injury and any other physical and fitness goals YOU have.

2 – remove the stress of whether or not the “all in one” programs of a group class will exacerbate your injury.

3 –  work at your pace to develop and change as your injury heals in YOUR own time.

Post Op and Pre Op

Pre Op

Research tells us that when we engage with a personalised conditioning program prior to an operation, the recovery time and the significant physical impact are decreased. Increasing strength and mobility, not just in the affected area but in the whole body, will ease the strain and pain of recovery as the surgery site will be more supported. 

Having increased strength prior to the surgery this will enable your body to engage with any rehabilitation exercise from a stronger position and therefore you will see quicker results and hopefully less discomfort. Remember this is just a season, it won’t always be like this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Post Op

For any post-op and pre-op programs we recommend private or 4:1 studio sessions. These sessions allow us to address your unique needs and get you the best possible results through a personalised tailored program.  

With any surgery there is an element of trauma for the body which impacts how muscles engage, in addition, this can cause altered, weakened and inefficient movement patterns (some of these may have also existed before the surgery). Never fear! The sooner rehabilitation begins the sooner muscles can be retrained to engage in a healthy, efficient and sequential way. This will aid in increasing quality of life, pain reduction and will enable a quicker progression towards returning to any exercise of your choice. It’s so important we don’t resign ourselves to pain or “This is as good as it gets”, our bodies are smart and with the right stimulus and input can exceed our expectations not only in recovery but life after recovery.


Kara is a registered Buff Bones® Instructor. Buff Bones® is a trademarked and medically endorsed full body exercise system for bone and joint health. It is the integration of Pilates, strength training, functional movement which aids in strengthening bones and balance techniques whilst maintaining safety for those with osteoporosis.

There are 4 key elements to address bone strength and they are: changes in force direction i.e pushing and pulling; load-bearing muscles, joints and fascia; positive impact i.e heel stomping, and multidimensional movement. These 4 key elements load the bones in a variety of ways to encourage bone health and strength. We also work to increase the range of movement to ensure optimal joint function and balance for quality of life and falls prevention.

It’s never too late!

We can meet your body where it’s at right now. We are happy to chat and talk about how we can support your body and discuss solutions that suit you. 

Cross Training – For Athletes and Dancers

As a former dancer, and dance teacher Kara knows the value of Pilates in cross training. Pilates is designed to find optimal movement patterns, strength, power, balance, co-ordination and flow for your body specific to your athletic goals. 

As athletes we are always wanting to get better and reach our potential but when we are training there is not always the time to break down our movements and see where we can improve. You might want to have more control when you kick that football, as a dancer you may want to jump higher or nail that 3rd pirouette, you might want to increase your speed as a runner or hit that golf ball further. All this can be achieved as you take time to refine your body’s movement with a tailored personalised program in our 4:1 sessions, privates and to a lesser extent in our group classes. 

Pilates is also proven to help with injury prevention and is great to keep you conditioned whilst “off” with an injury and to help you rehabilitate it. 

Group classes also available for your team, troupe or class.

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