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We believe Pilates is for EVERY body.

At Naturally Norris Pilates we love seeing people’s faith in their own body restored. All classes are a small ratio to allow time to engage with everyone, explain things properly and give you feedback as needed. We offer personalised programs tailored to YOUR goals in small group settings (4:1), privates (1:1), as well as all-inclusive group sessions (8:1).

It’s about YOU!

Our goal is to walk (run, skip or twirl) with you on your journey of wellness. We believe it is a partnership not a dictatorship as you move towards YOUR vision of better health and fitness. We love communication and always want you to get the most out of your sessions, as it is your time and your money. You should always feel better leaving than when you walk in, and better the next day.

4:1 Studio Sessions

A ratio of 4 clients to 1 instructor each with a tailored personalised program.

Private Sessions

A 1 hour one-on-one session with a tailored personalised program.

Group Mat Classes

1 hour all-inclusive conditioning session.

You + Boo

A baby friendly session with a postnatal and general conditioning focus.


What we can do for you…


Every BODY’s needs are different including yours. Click below to see how we can help you meet your goals.

Personalised Programs
Pre & Post Op Rehabilitation

About Naturally Norris Pilates

Professional Pilates Instructor

Kara Norris

Hi, my name is Kara Norris and I am the owner and founder of Naturally Norris Pilates. My Pilates journey began in 2006, whilst training full-time as a dancer, I sustained a significant injury to my pelvis and adductor muscle. After over 12 months of treatment and no improvement from the 24hr pain, I discovered Pilates and its rehabilitative qualities. Through Pilates I returned to full-time dance training and discovered it was invaluable cross-training as well!

After teaching dance and managing a dance school for several years, I became the Dance Co-ordinator for C3 College’s vocational dance course. During this time we implemented the use of Pilates as a cross training and injury prevention tool.

In 2015, I undertook formal training as a Pilates Instructor in Mat and Equipment Pilates and was invited to join the team at Leeon Studio Pilates. This training and on the job experience equipped me to achieve lasting results, with a vast array of clients from elite athletes to grandparents, from rehabilitating those with acute injuries to those simply after a good workout.

Feel at peace in our professionally equipped eco-friendly studio. 

How Natural is Naturally Norris Pilates?

It was vital to me when opening Naturally Norris Pilates that we had the lowest possible carbon footprint whilst maintaining quality. This is how we do it.

  • ALL reception furniture and studio storage are repurposed AND locally sourced; from our seats to our shelving, wooden storage boxes and even our cushions.
  • Paper and folders are 100% recycled, wooden refillable pens, biodegradable sticky-tape and more (and where possible locally sourced).
  • Our equipment is sourced as locally as possible without sacrificing quality (because we want the best and safest for you too).
  • Refurbished iPhone from EB Games.
  • Tissues and toilet paper (which are very soft) from “Who Gives A Crap”. Check them out:
  • We use “Koh” cleaning products which are eco-certified, approved by the Asthma Council and not tested on animals.
  • Uniform T-Shirts are Organic Cotton:
  • You can enjoy filtered water from our ceramic cistern in beautiful repurposed glass jars for drinking.
  • Uniforms sourced from Citizen Wolf


Here’s what our Clients are saying…

Charlotte - Physiotherapist (late 20s)

I adore Kara’s classes! Never have I been to a Pilates instructor who is so happy to adjust and individualize their programming around my body! Since starting my back pain has halved, flexibility doubled and my mind clear! I now look forward to the challenges in class each week!! Would highly recommend! 

Rachel - Photographer & Mum (early 30s)

I started Pilates at Naturally Norris at 17 weeks pregnant and it made such a huge difference to my pregnancy, recovery and all over health. Since having a baby I’ve loved the Mums and Bubs class. I instantly feel at ease, comfortable and supported the moment I walk into the studio thanks to Kara having a friendly, professional manner and a wealth of knowledge.  

Ali - Community Advocate (50s)

As Kara says, ‘there is no such thing as too old, or too broken’. I thought I was both until I started weekly classes at Naturally Norris Pilates. I feel better, stronger, longer and absolutely not too old, or too broken! Kara is warm, welcoming, and oh so knowledgeable! I feel safe, supported and encouraged. Best thing I have done in years!! 

Natalie - Teacher & Mum (late 40s)

Kara has been working closely with me on a personalised program to assist with my osteoporosis, kyphosis, and overall pain and poor posture since developing these conditions during my pregnancy last year. I have noticed a significant improvement in all areas, especially in the pain and finally being able to sleep comfortably! I am amazed at how quickly my body started to heal and recover once I started PILATES with Kara. I always feel supported, listened to and encouraged. Kara’s knowledge and experience has been wonderful, teaching me something new about my condition and how to improve on it each week. Thank you Kara.

Ann - Retired (early 70s)

I commenced Pilates a number of years ago but wasn’t sure what it would do for me.  Much to my surprise, I found I became conscious of various parts of my body and how to get the best from those parts on a daily basis, deportment improved, plus the keenness to continue with my regular sessions.  Kara is a very gentle, positive instructor who explains what each exercise is for and, importantly, why it is necessary. My Pilates sessions do take into account my osteoporosis and osteopenia which means I am not given exercises which could aggravate this situation.  Keep up the good work Kara.

Kaz - Manager & Mum (early 50s)

I started going once a week to a 4:1 class of Kara’s last October with lots of niggly and long-term injuries and a belief that I couldn’t ever do any ab work because of an almost lifelong neck and recent back injury. Today I still have neck and back issues but nowhere near as bad and I’ve developed strength in my core (that I’ve never had), a much better posture and can feel how much stronger I am. Kara tailors what I do exactly for me and my body each week depending on how it feels. I’m very happy to have found her and Naturally Norris Pilates.  

Nat - Veterinarian Student (late 20s)

 I highly recommend Naturally Norris Pilates, I do the 4:1 personalised program and absolutely love it! Kara creates an environment that feels just like home the moment you walk through the door!! I am a university student but prioritise the cost of going to Naturally Norris Pilates because I am achieving results and improving my strength, flexibility and body alignment; this is because Kara pays attention to detail as I’m performing the movements and provides exercises that are specific to my body’s areas of concern.

Susan - Community Health and services & Mum (late 40s)

Kara is wonderful. Has made me love exercise, and modified all my work around my (many) injuries. Feeling strong, healthy and love my classes.

Elaine - High School Teacher & Mum (Early 50s)

 As someone who has had bodily aches and pains, in particular, dodgy hips and left shoulder I was looking for something to help me manage my ailments. I decided to try Pilates. What a difference 8 months has made. I attend Naturally Norris Pilates twice a week. Once for a mat class (with my daughter) and once for a 1:4 class. Not only is Kara tuned in to what my body needs but she changes up the exercises each week with something new. She has instilled a new confidence in me and I feel great and most days pain free. Couldn’t recommend the studio, her interest in you and her professionalism highly enough.

Sally - Government Worker (early 50s)

Extremely happy with Kara-Naturally Norris Pilates, she is very knowledgeable and great instructor, small classes assist with basically one on one, never really committed to other exercise activities but look forward to going each Thursday highly recommend Kara.

Katrin - Mum and Child Care Worker

 Fantastic ratios allowing great one-on-one support of each unique, individually tailored program.
Kara guides and supports throughout ensuring good technique through all movement.
She is kind, thoughtful and thorough as well as firm ensuring you are working to achieve your goals.

Kate - Accountant (Late 20s)

I have been going to pilates at Naturally Norris for the last few months and love it! I can feel myself improving and it forces me to focus on some of my areas of weakness and ensures that I stretch and work on my core at least once a week. Kara is so friendly and knowledgeable and is able to cater and adjust throughout the session as required. If one exercise isn’t working for you she is easily able to switch it to another.

Lisa - Medical Administration & Mum (40s)

Kara is amazing! So patient and passionate about Pilates and it’s benefits. A very welcoming studio and friendly environment. My flexibility and strength continue to improve with Kara’s guidance, Thank you Kara 

Sue - Office Worker, Mum and Grandmother

Kara is an amazing instructor, she is a gold mine of knowledge and patience. She takes the time to ask and know what areas need work. I was having knee pain when I started with Kara in a 4:1 class, my knees are now pain free! Start a class today you will have 0 regrets with your investment in yourself

Tara - High School Teacher and Mum.

 Pilates has enabled me to rediscover my core after my third baby. The You & Boo class allows me to invest time into myself and prioritise self care post-pregnancy and childbirth so that I can be a healthier, happier me when I’m running around after my 6 month, 2 and 4 yr old.
My goals are to strengthen my core and whole body, manage pain and tension and eventually return to running and horse riding.
During Pilates, I enjoy “waking up” and “turning on” muscles that have been dormant as well as learning about the physiology of what we’re doing in class and why. I then like to apply this to my everyday life with the kids because it’s the simple things such as how I get up off the floor or pick the kids up which save me from pain or help to release tension in my body.
It is an incredibly understanding and supportive environment to be in because being around the other mums and their babies whilst regaining my fitness helps me to realise I’m not in this all alone.
The class environment is educational and relaxed. Kara really personalises and adjusts exercises for each individual’s needs but at the same time challenges us.  Every week is different and builds upon what we’ve been doing and I love feeling the progress!
Kara is an amazing instructor, she is a gold mine of knowledge and patience. She takes the time to ask and know what areas need work. I was having knee pain when I started with Kara in a 4:1 class, my knees are now pain free! Start a class today you will have zero regrets with your investment in yourself.

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