Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

“How many Sessions should I attend per week?”

As a general rule we would recommend 2 sessions per week however we do respect that everyone’s schedule, availability and budget differ and this is not always possible. A minimum of 2 sessions per week is ideal as this allows your body to progress without falling back into previous patterns, however most of our clients come once a week and still feel the benefits of Pilates and get good results.

“What if I’ve never done Pilates before?”

Not a problem! Remember even those who have been doing it for years at one point had never done Pilates before. We all have to start somewhere. Pilates is so well designed it doesn’t matter what level of movement your body has, how strong, flexible or not so strong and flexible it is. There is a huge amount of repertoire in Pilates with a broad scope so there will always be exercises to suit where your body is at and what it needs.

“I’m not very flexible, can I still do Pilates?”

Pilates can be modified and adapted to everybody, no matter what range of moment your body allows. Flexibility is not necessary to start Pilates or to receive benefits from it. You will however find that Pilates will significantly help develop your flexibility and release tension in your body.

“I feel like my body is falling apart and I’m afraid to exercise. What if I’m injured? Can I still do Pilates?”

Absolutely you can! Some Pilates classes are done on a small ratio with personalised programs, e.g. 4:1 (a maximum of four clients to one instructor). With personalised programs. The benefits of this type of session  are:

  • Your Pilates program can be tailored to address YOUR injury and any other physical goals YOU have.
  • You don’t have to worry about whether or not the “all in one” programs of a group class will exacerbate your injury.
  • You can work at your own pace within your session and also you can advance as your injury heals in YOUR own time.
“Am I too old to start Pilates?”

What if I feel like my body is too old and broken to start Pilates?”

I get this question from people of all ages from 30-90 yrs of age. There is no such thing as too late or too broken. Pilates is designed to meet you where you are at. If you feel unfit, “broken” or “old” (I use those terms loosely) there are a multitude of exercises that will not only suit your body and avoid injury but actually change and strengthen your body. Yes, your body.

“I’m pregnant, can I do Pilates until I reach full term?”

Absolutely you can do Pilates until your full term. This is such an exciting time and your body is doing an incredible job of growing new life and preparing for birth. During this time, your posture will change, joints will expand and muscles will stretch and with all this going on it’s no wonder some days you have a little less energy than the rest, and that’s ok. It’s important to keep moving and stay strong throughout your pregnancy AND to do it all at your own safe pace. Looking after you is looking after your baby and Pilates can help:

  • Enhance muscular balance and posture as your muscles, joints and centre of gravity change
  • Increases overall strength to support physical changes during pregnancy
  • Increases strength and stamina for labour
  • Ensures a quicker recovery post-partum
  • Improves postural, core, arm and leg strength for feeding and lifting the baby
  • Eases gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces water retention and leg cramps

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“What’s the purpose of an Initial Assessment?”

Our goal is to always look after you and your body, ensure you are receiving what you would like to get from your sessions and keep you safe. With this in mind it is crucial we do an Initial Assessment so we can get to know you and your body. During the Initial Assessment we look at strengths and weaknesses and discuss your goals so we can get you the best possible results.

“Do you have Reformers?”

Yes we do! We use our Reformers in our 4:1 Studio Sessions. In these sessions there is a maximum of 4 people to 1 instructor and each person is guided through their personalised program designed for their body and goals. As well as the Reformers we use the Wunda Chair, Mat work and other small apparatus. Each session varies so you get variety and the most appropriate exercises to achieve your desired goals.

“I am pre/post op, should I do Pilates?”

Yes, Yes, Yes! 

Pre-Op: If you are pre-op, research shows that doing Pilates before an operation helps in a smoother and quicker recovery. This is because the muscles and joints are healthier and stronger so they cope with the trauma more efficiently and are in a better place to start recovery.

Post-Op: Once you have approval from your doctor (usually about 6 weeks) Pilates is great! Using specific rehabilitation exercises tailored to your recovery Pilates can help strengthen and condition your muscles and joints appropriately. This helps restore function for everyday quality of life as well as working to rebuild strength and flexibility for any other physical goals you may have as part of your post-op world.

“How long are your sessions?”

All sessions are 1 hour including Initial Assessments.

“Do you take cards for payment?”

Yes we do take cards as well as direct deposit and cash.

“Is my child too young?”

As a general rule we will happily take children as young as 8. They need to have the ability to focus independently or have a parent with them as well as basic body awareness.

“Can I bring my child with me?”

Yes. We have two dedicated parent-friendly sessions during the week to allow those with children still at home to be able to enjoy the benefits of Pilates. 

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